Interview Tools & 资源

Congrats! You've landed the Interview! But now what?

- 准备 -

抽空 准备 in advance of an interview will build your confidence and give you an edge over the competition. Sharpen your skills with these resources:


- 实践 -

不“即兴发挥” - 它显示!  You can drastically improve your ability to discuss your skills through a 实践采访 在上阿卡迪亚校园

  • 注册一个实践 与专业面试 专家通过 握手 (选择 与专家访谈)。
  • 请求 实践采访 with a Career Educator in the Office of 职业教育 in 骑士大厅.
  • Learn and 实践采访 skills with 大面试 by signing up with your Arcadia email address.

- 证明给我看 -

quinncia is an online career preparation platform helping the student to prove their developing interview skills. They offer online interview simulations 与反馈。

  • 创建您的帐户 in quinncia with your Arcadia email address 和n 上传你的简历
  • 为.....注册 a 实时采访 从quinncia专家(*You will need a resume and webcam in order to conduct the interview)
  • Once you finish your 实践采访, 选择“请求反馈” and your interview will be scored. You'll then be provided with feedback electronically (typically within 24 hours)。
  • 看看这个 视频教程 和 学生指南 for extra tips on making quinncia work for you!